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About us

We are a locally owned and operated car wash dedicated to our people. WAVE isn’t your typical car wash. We believe in developing a strong culture within our family by providing the highest quality customer service and superior car washing services that are convenient and affordable.

We invest in our people and treat our customers like family. When you wash at WAVE, you become part of the WAVE Family, and we like to take care of our own. Our core values are grounded in professionalism, community, and loyalty with a fun-loving approach to our end goal; making you feel better about your day.

Join Our Team!

If you are interested in becoming an integral part of the WAVE family, we’d love to speak with you about joining the team.

Giving back


There is more to WAVE than just washing cars. WAVE is locally owned and operated; we are a part of the community and are dedicated to giving back to the community. Through ongoing community partnerships, WAVE is committed to supporting local organizations and promoting worthy causes.

We support local schools, charities, organizations and heroes through special event fundraisers and other promotions.

we are Eco-Friendly

Wash Smarter

At WAVE, we clean your car while keeping the environment safe. With the latest in car wash technology and chemistry, we practice efficient water usage with eco-friendly chemicals. We capture the wastewater and send the used water to a water treatment facility where it is recycled and reused.

Why not wash your car at home?

Water conservation is important (we use about 50% less water than washing at home), but only the beginning. Washing at home usually means harmful cleaning chemicals and phosphates from road film will run off into a storm drain. Storm drains are intended to deliver rain run-off into rivers and streams. So, if you wash at home, you are likely hurting animal life and plants in our ecosystem.

When you wash at WAVE, you can sleep better at night knowing you are helping save the environment.